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Hello soon-to-be Icahn students and New Yorkers: You will soon discover that your new neighborhood, a vibrant one in upper Manhattan, has every manner of food, fun, and fortune to keep you happily busy throughout your journey at Icahn.  A few of your fellow students come together every year to compile and edit the best-of-the-best — so when you arrive, you feel at home as soon as possible and don’t miss out on anything that New York has to offer. Check out our detailed guide to New York with everything from the best bank, to local grocery stores, fun activities and much more!

Insider’s Guide to New York



Insider’s Guide to First Year

Guide Cover 2014

Note: the Insider’s Guide to First Year is for incoming MD and MD/PhD students only.

Map: Explore Mount Sinai/Icahn before arriving on campus using this interactive map: created by Eduardo Contijoch, MSIII. You will explore the pharmacy, Aron Hall, public transportation and much more!